Why Are Tiny Homes Built From Shipping Containers Popular?

Tiny Homes from Shipping Containers: Why They’re Such a Trend

You see it on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and just about everywhere: people are selling their homes in exchange for tiny homes made from metal shipping containers. In fact, there’s a growing movement around the world for tiny homes that offer the same comfort and warmth of a typical home but with less square footage.

But what exactly is the charm behind tiny homes that people are now giving up space for a much better life?

Tiny homes are more cost-effective.

Buying a lot and building a home from scratch is very expensive these days, especially with the growing cost of materials and labor. But you can buy a good-sized portable shipping container for about $10,000 and that’s mostly what you need to spend. A lot of homeowners who chose to give up their homes for a tiny home say that they did it for financial freedom. These people have been paying mortgage for most of their adult life and they just saw the opportunity to get out of that. A lot of homeowners now realize that they don’t really need a lot of space to be happy in a home. In fact, people who already moved into tiny homes say that they are happier than when they lived in bigger houses.

Tiny homes are very easy to build.

A typical home takes multiple months, and even up to a year to build, but a contractor can turn a portable shipping container into a fully functional home in under a month. You can even see a lot of homeowners choosing to build their tiny homes from scratch, even though that can take more time and may cost more, especially if you lack the skills to build a home. You also have the option to buy a prefabricated container home where you instantly get a tiny home within just a few weeks.

Tiny homes are durable.

Shipping containers are built to withstand the harshest elements since they need to travel long distances and they’re exposed in a cargo ship. So, whether you’re buying brand new or used containers, you can guarantee the same quality and durability when you turn the shipping container into a tiny home.

Tiny homes are easy to move locations.

One of the biggest benefits of living in a tiny home is the ability to be mobile. In fact, a lot of families are now living the mobile lifestyle where they can settle just about anywhere and still enjoy working and even raising a family remotely. Aside from traditional mobile home parks, a lot of lot owners are also now renting out lots for people to put their tiny homes in.

Tiny homes are very versatile.

If you do some research, you’ll see tiny homes in all shapes, sizes and designs, and you’ll be surprised at how much versatility there is in designing your own tiny home. Some homeowners even choose to put together several portable shipping containers, so they have a bigger space or multiple stories of living space to work with.

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