How To Purchase New And Used Shipping Containers

Metal shipping containers can be easily modified to meet any need for extra space quickly and affordably. Whether you buy new or used depends on its intended purpose. Both have become extremely popular for use in wide variety of applications, including secure residential, commercial, and industrial storage, construction job site offices, workshops, home additions, pop-up retail, and temporary housing.

You can find used shipping containers for sale cheap, but be sure to find out what they were used for. Containers that transported fruits and vegetables need to be treated with pesticides before you re-purpose them. It’s not uncommon to find that some of the cheapest shipping containers for sale once contained biohazards, nuclear wastes, and toxic chemicals.

What else should I consider before I make my decision to purchase?

The basic considerations, of course are the number of containers you’re going to buy and the size. Those factors depend entirely upon the purpose for which they’re going to be used. Will you just be shipping dry cargo? A standard 20-foot or 40-foot portable shipping container should meet your needs. For larger shipments, consider either a high-cube alternative or multiple standard containers. Small shipping containers eight to twelve feet in size are ideal for semi-portable office space or storage facilities.

Is there a simple way to know what I’m buying?

Just as they’re available in different sizes, metal shipping containers come in different conditions. If possible, perform a pre-purchase inspection before committing to your purchase. Don’t rely too much upon photos to give you the information you need.
There’s a letter grading system that you may find useful. An A-grade container has only light surface rust, and the interior is nearly free of marks. It may be new, used, or refurbished. B-grade containers are used but still cargo-worthy. Notice that C-grade – also called wind and water-tight – containers will exhibit major wear-and-tear and repairs. They’re fine for storage, but you’ll need a special license to use them for transportation. F-grade means that the container is suitable for transporting food.

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