Creating an Innovative Office Space Using Shipping Containers

Starting a business means that you need an office to run it from. Unfortunately, building or renting an office space these days can take up a huge chunk of your budget and if you’re still starting out, you might not want all your money to go to just your office space. Luckily, there’s a huge trend in mobile offices today where businesses are converting shipping containers as their offices.

If you’re planning to do the same, here are some factors that you need to consider when investing in the shipping containers to turn into an office:

  • Look for the right supplier. You will find a lot of metal shipping containers on the market today, but you need to look for the right supplier to make sure that you’re buying something of good quality. The best shipping containers should be made using weatherproof steel and coated to resist corrosion and other elements. It’s also very important to look for a supplier within your area, or somewhere with good shipping options, so you won’t need to spend too much on shipping and delivery.
  • Choose between new and used containers. The prices of small shipping containers will vary depending on whether they’re brand new or used. In general, shipping containers are categorized into A, B and C. Category A containers have the best structural integrity because they’re brand new, but they’re also the most expensive among commercial steel storage containers. Category B containers were just used once before being sold. They are still in excellent condition and are sold at a much lower price. Category C containers have been used multiple times overseas and although they are still in good condition, they might need some refurbishment. They are also the cheapest among all shipping containers.
  • Check the cost of refurbishment. Even if you’re buying a brand new shipping container, you’ll still need to do some refurbishments to convert it into your business’ mobile space. So before you start this project, make sure that you factor in the cost of refurbishment that could include the fee for your architect and contractor, the cost of customization and the cost of fixtures and furniture. This will allow you to set a proper budget for your office and make sure that you reach your targets.
  • Think about building codes. Although you’re not building anything from scratch, you still need to follow zoning laws and building codes in your area. Work with your contractor in determining the laws for container offices in your state and make sure that you comply with all the requirements to avoid any hassles later on.

Of course, you need to plan your office well. Depending on your need for space, you could just build one shipping container or put two or more together if you require a bigger office for you and your team. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using shipping containers for offices because you can design them however you want to. Go online for inspiration and find a design that will work best for your business requirements. Here at Gorilla Box we love our customers, so feel free to call during normal business hours.

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