Shipping Containers as Affordable Storage: Why It’s a Smart Solution to Keeping Valuables Safe

We live in an era where space has become a commodity and every square footage matters. Now, if you accumulated things over the years and they’re taking up more space in your house than you want, the need for additional storage space becomes inevitable at some point. But moving into a bigger house isn’t the only option anymore; you can actually invest in affordable storage that allows you to keep your valuables safe and secure while keeping your costs low.

Have you thought about using a shipping container? Here’s why it’s a smart solution to your storage problem:

It’s more cost-effective than your traditional self-storage facilities.

The average cost of a traditional storage unit is $190 per month, but that can go as high as $300 per month if you need a larger unit for bigger valuables. This is because you need to pay for the maintenance of the facility aside from the cost of the unit itself, and you’re only renting it.

But if you look at the market for shipping containers, you’ll find the cheapest shipping containers for sale that you can convert into your own self-storage facility. Some companies also offer financing and rent-to-own options, so you don’t need to pay in bulk. You also have options in terms of size because there are large and small shipping containers that you can buy for a very good price. And the best part is, you will own your storage facility and use it however you want to for a long time.

It’s designed to keep your valuables secure.

Metal shipping containers are designed for heavy duty work, so you can guarantee that they will withstand even the harshest elements since they were built to transport things safely overseas. High quality secure storage containers are built using high-strength steel and coated with a finish that make them resistant to different weather elements and corrosion.

When you store your valuables in a portable shipping container, you can guarantee that it will be safe from the elements even if you put it outdoors. Shipping containers are also designed to be secure enough that they are not easily broken into even by the most experienced thieves. When you lock your shipping container, you can guarantee that all your valuables will be secure inside.

It’s versatile enough to be used for different purposes.

If after a few years, you don’t need that extra storage space anymore, you can still use your shipping container for a lot of other purposes. You’ll see a lot of containers now being converted into mobile offices or just as an extended living space. There’s even a trend in tiny houses today where shipping containers are put together to be converted into tiny homes that are both stylish and functional. You also have the option to rent out your shipping container and earn some money from it. The possibilities are definitely endless and you’re guaranteed to have return of investment when you purchase storage containers.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in your own shipping container today! Contact us at Gorilla Box for more information.

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