Tips and Ideas for Painting a Shipping Container

Are You Painting a Shipping Container? Here’s Your Guide

People used to see small shipping containers as a way to transport products and raw materials overseas. But lately, there has been a growing trend of these shipping containers being converted into mobile offices and even full-sized homes giving them new purpose. In fact, a lot of people have given up their typical homes to build tiny houses out of cheap used shipping containers because it gave them more financial freedom without sacrificing their quality of living.

Now, if you’re one of those who would like to join this movement and you already purchased a portable shipping container, painting would be one of the first steps to giving it a fresh look and get it ready for its new purpose. But since a shipping container is different from your typical build, here are some tips to make the process go smoothly and be successful:

  • Prepare the surface first. Whether you’re dealing with a new or used shipping container, there’s a good chance that it has accumulated some dust and dirt while in transit. So, once it’s already in place, it’s a good idea to pressure wash the entire exterior of the container first to get rid of any dirt, dust and mud that could affect the quality of your paint later. Let the container dry completely before applying anything so you can guarantee that the paint will really stick.
  • Fix any dents and cracks. If you’re buying from the right supplier, even cheap used shipping containers for sale are still in excellent quality. However, since they’re stacked on top of each other and they’ve travelled long distances and been exposed to the elements, you can’t avoid any signs of wear and tear like cracks and dents. After washing, do a thorough inspection of the entire container to check for any dents, cracks and other problem that needs to be addressed before you start painting it.
  • Choose the right paint. Small shipping containers are made with stainless steel to make sure they don’t rust even with exposure to harsh elements. Now, that you’re going to use it as an office or extension of your house, you also need to choose paint that’s designed for the type of steel that your container is made of. A good quality paint should also be corrosion-resistant and chemical resistant, so it can serve as a protection layer for your container. It also needs to dry fast and you need to make sure that the paint will have the same color when you apply it on steel. In most cases, a marine-grade paint will be the best option for your shipping container.
  • Don’t use a paintbrush. Unlike painting a typical home, it can be challenging to use a typical paint brush or roller when painting a shipping container since the material is different and you’re using a different kind of paint. This is why it’s recommended that you use an airless spray that will give the entire container an even finish.

Painting your shipping container will surely be a fun project, especially when you follow these tips. To learn more or if you’re planning on starting a new path with the help of a shipping container, make sure to contact Gorilla Box!

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