5 Simple Tips to Keeping a Shipping Container in Good Condition Copy

How Do You Keep a Shipping Container in Good Condition?

Metal shipping containers have evolved from transporting goods to now being used as mobile space, industrial storage, and a lot more. With their durability and versatility, these shipping containers can be used for a wide variety of applications, which is why there’s a huge demand for portable shipping containers.

Now, if you’re one of those planning to get your own shipping container for storage or as a commercial or residential space, you need to learn these five tips to keeping it in good condition:

  • Invest in ways to pest-proof your container. Once you start using your shipping container as storage or living space, it could be prone to house pets. Therefore, it’s very important to check for any holes and gaps underneath the door, on the walls and windows, and on the floor, so you can have them fixed and avoid pests from getting inside the container and destroying the things that you’re storing in it. You should also call for pest control the moment you discover an infestation in your shipping container.
  • Keep your roof in good condition. If you purchased a used shipping container, you could expect some dents on the roof because of how the container was, most likely, stacked on top of another one. Fix the dents right away because they can collect rainwater and cause corrosion and leaks. It’s also very important to treat the shipping container with an anti-rust agent, especially if it has been exposed to salty environments.
  • Clean your shipping container regularly. Whether you’re using it as a mobile space or industrial storage, it’s very important to clean it regularly to keep mold from building inside the container, especially if it’s constantly closed. If you’re using it purely for storage, you need to move things around every now and then to make sure there are no pests building their homes inside your container.
  • Check your modifications. A lot of metal shipping containers are now used as an extended living space or office, and with this, a lot of modifications need to be made to make the container more livable and functional. You need to have your plumbing and electrical systems checked regularly for any defects to ensure that you won’t have any problems that could affect your shipping container, especially if you’re using it as a mobile space.
  • Seal your doors and windows. A lot of small shipping containers are now being converted into tiny homes or mobile offices, and this means modifying the original container by adding windows and doors. Make sure that these doors and windows are sealed and clean them regularly, especially the locks and hinges where dirt, rust and grit could accumulate easily.

Investing in your own shipping container is just like buying a house. Whether you’re using it purely as a storage space or as an extended living or working area, you need to follow these tips to keep it well maintained, so you can enjoy your investment for a long time. To learn more or get your own shipping container to take care of, contact Gorilla Box today!

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