More Than A Rusty Box: Why Shipping Containers Are So Popular

There are many benefits to be gained from transforming shipping containers. The fact that they’re so durable, portable, and versatile makes them ideal for creating sustainable spaces, and they’re a cost-effective and affordable alternative to traditional construction.

Concerns about climate change and sustainability have motivated people to look for ways to reduce their negative impact on the environment. When you purchase storage containers, you’re part of an increasingly popular move to re-purpose existing materials.

Some creative uses for commercial steel storage containers

As tiny houses and living off the grid have become more popular, we’ve seen more and more buyers purchase storage containers and use one or more to create unique and fully-functional living spaces for a fraction of the cost of standard home construction.

Instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars to have a new detached or attached garage built, homeowners are enjoying tremendous savings by having a 20-foot or 40-foot storage container delivered right to their property at a fraction of the expense.

Storage containers are excellent for residential use as storage, home offices, workshops, artist studios, saunas, indoor gardens, and guest facilities.

There are many innovative commercial applications, too.

Converted into portable emergency hospitals, they can easily be transported to where they’re needed in the event of a pandemic. They can serve as classrooms in remote areas and temporary housing in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Outdoor venues have found it practical to convert shipping containers into hygienic bathroom trailers for men and women.

The “pop-up” trend has seen retail stores, restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and bars using shipping containers to showcase their offerings. They’re even used as portable kitchens.

Art galleries have found that because they’re easily modified and portable, shipping containers serve very well as exhibition spaces.

When it comes to re-using commercial steel storage containers, the possibilities are limited only by the user’s imagination. Consult the experts at Gorilla Box for more information.

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